Owens Valley Wet Harvest Ale

Mammoth Brewing Company is proud to offer our fourth annual wet harvest ale. This year we are back to the original Owens Valley Wet Harvest beer: The Black IPA. As always, we start with pristine alpine water flowing out of the mountains that surround us here in Mammoth Lakes, California at 8,000 feet elevation. Then we add fresh wet Cascade hops, harvested from our local sources and brought straight to our brew kettle, still warm and moist from the vine. We paired this fresh hop flavor with our cold mash of dark malts to both mellow and accentuate the hop qualities.

Drink this limited wet harvest ale today at the peak of freshness to enjoy the aromatic qualities of these high altitude wet hops.


The Essentials

Malts: Chocolate, Crystal 60, Caramunich and Dark Munich
Hops: Locally grown Cascade hops and local wild hops.
ABV: 7.5%
Availability: 22oz and draft